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Our mandate is to promote the physical, social and mental well-being of all seniors in the Powell River regional district, and to promote volunteerism within the senior community.

This site is community oriented and offers useful information about other relevant groups, events, volunteer opportunities and activities available to Seniors in Powell River.

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Current Information for Seniors

News Release from the BC Seniors Advocate - May 21

B.C. seniors advocate makes housing recommendations for cash-poor seniors.

B.C. should help house-rich, cash-poor seniors live in their homes longer by offering a government-backed homeowners line of credit, the province's Seniors Advocate recommended Thursday. Click here to view or print the News release.


Are you between the ages of 50-74?
Have you taken the FIT test in the last two years?

The FIT test is a screening test for colon cancer. The FIT test detects blood in your stool which can be a sign pre-cancer. Doctors give patients order forms so that they can go to a lab and pick up their free FIT test. Then, at home, patients collect a small sample of stool which is returned to the lab for examination. If you have done this test in the past four years you are part of the B.C. Cancer Agency's Colon Cancer Screening Program. The B.C. Cancer Agency would like your feedback on their reminder cards for this program.

Please consider taking this 8-10 minute survey to give your feedback. The links for men and women are located below.

If you have any questions or concerns about this survey, please email Denise Buote at dbuote@arboreducational.com or call 604-671-1441.

Link to survey for women: Women's Survey

Link to survey for men: Men's Survey

Thank you for your participation. Your feedback will contribute to making the reminder cards more effective in encouraging women and men to get screened.

Your 2015 Executive

2015 Executive

From Left: Linda Wallace, Al McKenzie, Gene Jamieson (President), John Harris, Myrna Leishman, George Davidson, Ann McKenzie, Warren Wiley, Fred Moss.

News Release from the BC Seniors Advocate- April 7

A new report by B.C.'s Seniors Advocate says too many elderly seniors are living in residential care who could be living independently. Click here to view the News Release.
"If you are not in need of that level of care, it can be a rather uninspiring experience to live in such a restricted community, which is what you need when you are providing the safety for higher acute clients," said Isobel Mackenzie.
Mackenzie released the report, Placement, Drugs and Therapy... We Can Do Better on Tuesday after reviewing health assessment records from B.C.'s 25,000 seniors in residential care and 29,000 seniors receiving home care.

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